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Artist at her show at the Festival of India Art Show in Atlanta, GA with author and Under-Secretary-General of the UN, Shashi Tharoor


Malika Garrett was born in Calcutta India, attended Wesleyan College in Macon, GA where she earned her BFA in Visual Arts.

"While traveling and visiting my home in India, I have always looked to photograph people when they are most unguarded. I wait for their essential souls to peek out. That moment and experience remains on my lens and I bring those moments and experiences back home to recreate them on canvas.

I continue to look for the right person or subject throughout my travels. My paintings speak of a desire for human connection. Most everyone I have photographed, I know I will never see again. But we remain connected through my pictures, and I wish to recreate them when I get home as these are faces I will never forget. All these faces and moments represent my chance meetings with these wonderful resilient people. I have tired to recreate my connections to these people through my paintings. My camera is my recorder."

Malika has collections of her work in India, Singapore, USA, UK and China. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two beautiful children.